July 12, 2013

Friday's Letters...

Dear Starr: I'm so happy that your little kitty-self is feeling better!

Dear Vet That Treated Starr: You charged Erin how much to just tell her that Starr was dehydrated?!? You suck. I'm making a mental note to never go to you ever.

Dear Fashion To Figure: Why do you always have such cute clothing all the time? You make me want to spend all my money on dresses that I don't necessarily need.

Dear Library Gods: Why does "Julia" never get in trouble for all of the stupid crap she pulls?!?!!?? Why was it okay to call in sick and come into work the next day with her hair dyed? Why was it okay for her to come into work at 10:00am today, take over a 20 minute break just for the sake of having a break, take another 20 minute break to attend a Union meeting and then go to lunch a 1:00pm?? You know she is probably going to take another break later too! Please tell me there is a reason for all of this.

Dear Pile Of Donated Books On My Desk: Why don't you have call numbers on your verso pages?

Dear Rain: Go away! I'd rather it be humid out!

Dear S.S. Make It To Key West: I can't wait to take you out on the Susquehanna next weekend!

Dear Justin: I hope you've mentally prepared yourself for going antiquing Upstate next week!

Dear Readers: As always, you are all amazing. Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, overpriced vets. They stink!! Not proud of the fact that we've run into our fair share. One of them spent over a year treating and giving meds to our oldest doggie for "allergies" when it had actually been CANCER the whole. effin' time. (That he never felt like letting us in on.) He passed this last May. :'|...

    Hope you're able to find a fair one when you need it! I'd say there's about one honest and fairly priced vet for every, say, five+ dishonest/expensive ones, so may the vet gods enlighten your future searches!

  2. I'm so glad your friend's kitty is feeling better!
    Overpriced vets are the worst. We spent probably close to $1,000 on visits and treatments for one of our cats who would not stop vomiting. Appointments, special food she refused to eat, more special food, shots, x-rays . . . and it turned out to be a GIANT hairball. Cats.

    Just found your blog via the Friday Blog Hop and can't wait to read more! Have a fabulous weekend!