July 7, 2013

Sunday Social...

1. What Is The Best Trip You’ve Ever Been On?
Mine and Erin's trip to Europe for our 25th birthdays was the best trip ever.

2. What Is Your Best Idea For A Girls Weekend Trip?
I've never been on just a girls weekend. Erin and I normally do big trips.

3. What Is Your Best Idea For A Couples Trip?
No clue. We don't roll like that.

4. What Is The Best Vacation On The Cheap?

I don't do cheap cheap vacations. All of my vacations cost me an entire paycheck or more depending on what we are actually dong. Even when I got on family vacations I end up spending money.

5. What Is The Place You Most Want To Visit?
I don't know about the place I most want to visit but I'm really looking forward to this trip we have planned in October to go to Cancun with a bunch of my friends. 


  1. That 25th birthday trip looks completely epic. Little jealous over here.

    1. I don't mean to make you jealous but it was totally epic.