August 12, 2013

Blog Links Previously Lost In My E-mail...

I was going through my e-mail and I realized that I have sent myself tons of links to blogs that I've stumbled across in the past in hopes of starting to read them. And seeing as I am a bad person I've opened the e-mails, not read them. Well, I'm listing them all here (Alphabetically) and changing that.
A.K.A Chyme Cindy
Brandon & Shelby
Color Me Carla
Deer Circus
Deer Lolita
Emily Henderson
From Brussels With Love
Hannah & Landon
Happy Pretty Things
Lavender & Honey
Life Like Honey
The Marvelous Flight Of Cara
The Modern Austen
Nerd Craft Librarian
Oh Hello Love
Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots
Rock Shock
Short Girl, Long Island
This Little Port
Vicki Christine

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