August 2, 2013

Friday's Letters...

Dear Department Head: Why did you leave me here alone with "Julia" and "Amy" today? Is this my punishment for evoking my right to personal leave last week? Why do you hate me?!?!!

Dear July: Where did you go? I feel like we only spent a brief period of time together. C'est la vie. Until 2014!

Dear Liz: I can't wait to see you on Sunday and spend the day at the beach with you!!

Dear Library Thermostat: Why are you so moody? You're so hot and cold. Chill out.

Dear "Marie": Thank you for texting me a picture of the volunteer's sign up sheet who wrote that they hated "Julia" all over it. It made me chuckle.*

Dear Kids Who Broke The Library Elevator: What?! Why?! How?! What the hell were you doing that you broke the library elevator and got another kid stuck inside of it?!!**

Dear Mexico: Thank you for your 100% sugar filled soda.

Dear "Julia": Stay away from my teen volunteer! She is working on a project for me! Don't you have enough teen volunteers that hate you and probably the library now too?! Stay away!

Dear Readers: As always, you are amazing. Have a great weekend!
* Apparently a volunteer who isn't getting along so well with "Julia" wrote that they hate her all over their sign in sheet. It is some big issue and I honestly don't know how I missed any of this happening yesterday because I was very much so at work all day. Hmmm...

** This was another thing I missed yesterday but it happened after I left at 5:00pm.

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