August 22, 2013

N'SYNC Reunion? Yes Please...

I don't know about all of you but I'm super excited about this N'SYNC VMAs reunion rumor that has been flying around for the past couple of days. And because my inner fan girl is running rampant I made a playlist.

N'SYNC Playlist by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark

And to go with the playlist above here are some sweet gifs, which I don't normally post because this isn't Tumblr but for this post I'm doing it...
(gifs via: Global Grind)

Are any of you as excite as I am? Lemme know!

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  1. I'm actually going to watch the VMAs just because of this. I NEVER watch the VMAs.

    1. I haven't had any interest in the VMAs in years before last night.

  2. Hells YES I'm excited! I'm w/Karen; I haven't watched the VMAs since I was a kid, but I can't wait to watch them this Sunday!

    1. What did you think of it? I thought Justin's performance was incredible but I wish he would have done a little more with N'SYNC.

  3. First off, I wouldn't have pegged you as an N'SYNC fan. Second, really?

    1. I flippin' love N'SYNC. So don't hate or I'll give you a piece of my mind next time you roll up into the library.