August 15, 2013

Photo An Hour: Stuck At Work Edition...

Last Saturday was stuck at work so I did a photo an hour and here it is...
7:00AM - My almost empty coffee mug.

8:00AM - Driving to work.

9:00AM - Books from the 'Dust Books' list that I have to decide if I want to keep or not.

10:00AM - All by myself at the Reference Desk.

11:00AM - It's so clean and neat here because no one is in the library.

12:00PM - My lame lunch and newest read, which I haven't started yet.

1:00PM - Coming back from punching in from lunch.

2:00PM - The movie we're showing.

3:00PM - Decided to pick a new page to turn to in this big dinosaur book we have.

4:00PM - One of my Pages made me an origami Chinese throwing star.

5:00PM - Nella just chillin' when I got to my parent's house after work.


  1. How in the world did you have enough time in the day to a. think of this blog and b. actually do it?

  2. I love this idea! I'm totally going to steal it.