September 6, 2013

Friday's Letters...

Dear Bed: I miss you and need more time with you.

Dear Day: I hate you because I still have that A$AP Rocky song stuck in my head. #IGotAProblem

Dear A: You are the best cousin ever!

Dear Library: Sometime I think I'm too fabulous for you. So you better treat me right!

Dear Right Leg: You can really stop hurting me now. You're becoming a problem.

Dear "Leslie": Thank for e-mailing me that picture of "Julia" passed out on the couch in the staff room with stains on her clothing. It made me crack up.

Dear Other A: I am jealous of your fifteen-year-old-self for having Backstreet Boys tickets and backstage passes. Just thought you should know because my inner twelve-year-old hates you a little bit.

Dear Justin: I think you've been extra amazing this week and want the World to know.

Dear Cancun: See you in twenty-one days!

Dear McMoose: You're drunk. Go home!

Dear Readers: Thank you for being amazing. Have a great weekend.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you like my silly letters. I hate when people get all serious with them.