September 20, 2013

Friday's Letters...

Dear Universe/Gods: Not only did you find the need to let me wake up with a wicked nausea inducing headache, but you had to make sure there was the biggest nastiest spider between my shower curtain and liner. Thanks for that.

Dear Weird 3D Movie Wanting Patron: Um, lemme get this straight... You have a pair of old school blue and red 3D glasses and you want to try them out because you want to know what this whole 3D movie thing is all about. Um... Really? Are you really going to make me search our catalog and DVD collection for a 3D movie because you have a pair of 3D glasses at home? Do you realize that it's not the same kind of 3D? Do you know that you are wasting my time? Thanks for the lost thirty minutes of my life. I hope you enjoy your crappy 3D movie, if your glasses even work with it that is.

Dear Almond Breeze: I absolutely love your new iced coffee almond milk coffeehouse drink thing. It's wonderful. Thank you for my new morning drink!

Dear Day, Erin & Chas: We're going to Cancun in exactly one week!! I can't wait!!

Dear Cancun: I hope you're ready for us!

Dear GEICO: I cannot believe that your stupid 'Hump Day' commercial has caught on to the point where even my mother is like "HUMP DAAYYY!" Thanks for that.

Dear Weather Gods: It seems to be raining the next week in Cancun. Can you please make that stop from say next Friday to the following Tuesday? Thanks.

Dear iOS7: I don't know how I feel about you yet, but I'm thinking we could possibly be friends soon.

Dear Readers: I hope you all have a great weekend!

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