September 19, 2013

Texts From Wrong Numbers...

I was just skimming through Facebook and I saw that my friend had shared this BuzzFeed article '27 Perfect Ways To Respond To A Wrong Number Text' and as a person who is constantly getting wrong phone calls and text messages (People think my number is a doctors office) I just had to read this. And as I was doing so I was cracking up, thus I am sharing it with all of you.

So, how do you react when you get wrong number text messages?

I'm not gonna lie, I can be kinda mean snarky when I get wrong texts/phone calls because I've gotten such terrible attitudes from people in the past while trying to be nice that I'm kinda like screw it.

Once I got a wrong number text and it was a picture of a bunch of old ladies in a pool with an additional message saying something along the line of "Look at Grandma in the pool!"

I just responded "My Grandmother is dead. You have the wrong number..."

I got an "Oh, sorry..." back.
I dunno, was that terribly mean snarky of me? I mean, it definitely isn't the worst thing I've said (Someone texted me "What up   insert n-wor?!" That exchange was not pretty). Lemme know.