October 17, 2013

If You See Something, Say Something...

Yesterday was quite the interesting day at the library. Around 1:00pm Lenni and I decided to go to the local farmers market on our lunch break and as we were walking outside of the building we see two police officers checking the bushes. As we walked passed them we snuck a peek at what they were looking at and saw a very large suspicious looking black bag. We both looked at each other, kinda joked with the officers about evacuating the library and continued on our way.

Fifteen minutes go by and we start walking back to work and we see a police officer putting yellow caution tape so people can't walk on the sidewalk in front of the library. Our Director is outside at this point so we started asking him (snarky) questions as we walked around the caution tape, which he answered (snarkily).

Once in the building I headed to my department to ask the ladies if they knew what was going on outside. They didn't, so I mentioned to them what was happening and continued with my lunch break up in the staff room with Lenni.

Over an hour goes by and the police are still outside. At some point our Director comes into our office and tells our Department Head that he will be evacuating the building in ten minutes because the local police called the bomb squad and they were going to go check the package out. -- Yeah, I know...

So we gather our stuff, kick the patrons that we do have in the room out (Some of them had serious attitudes about it) and proceed to exit the building. We walk down the block and waited -- It seriously felt like a high school fire drill. We waited for over an hour and were made to move farther and farther away from the building every so often during said hour.

After waiting forever, the bomb squad imploded the package and we were told we could go back into the building and continue with normal library business -- Anticlimactic, I know. As we were walking in we found out that the suspicious looking black bag only had food in it -- Who puts food in a big ass black bag that looks like an over sized computer case??!!?!!

At some point after we reopened apparently a man came in and asked the staff downstairs if they had seen a black bag. He left it outside and wanted to know if someone brought it into the building. All anyone could do when they found this out was laugh. What a day...


  1. Oh my god that's freaking hilarious. You guys definitely have one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Never a dull moment at LBPL

    1. Yup. Shit is always going down.

      You should come visit during the chaos some time!

  2. Not only "who puts food in a big ass back pack" but WHO LEAVES IT OUTSIDE?? Duh. Seriously, duh.

    1. The whole situation was just ridiculous. I still can't believe it happened.