October 29, 2013

Kate Spade Wishlist...

After attending Lucky FABB last week I decided that I needed a structured tote bag because the bags I carried around just weren't cutting it (I had borrowed my sister's Michael Kors bags) in terms of fitting stuff inside of them. And in my search I ended up on the Kate Spade site and saw that she had a bunch of library related prints. Obviously because I'm such a library dork and a Kate Spade lover I need them all, thus my Kate Spade wishlist...
  1. Required Reading Bon Shopper - $ 228.00
  2. Library Card Resin iPhone 5 Case - $40.00
  3. Required Reading Index Organizer - $298.00
  4. Library Illustration Scarf  - $128.00
  5. Required Reading Georgie - $78.00 
I've already hinted to various individuals (My mother, sister & Justin) that I'd love any of the above items for Christmas this year. So lets hope someone actually listened! 

1 comment :

  1. OMG as soon as I upgrade my phone that iPhone case is mine! MINE!!!!!!