October 11, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013: Day One...

Yesterday, as I have every year for the past five years, I attended New York Comic Con with Lenni. Instead of heading to the library we hopped on the LIRR to New York City and made our way to the Javits Center for professional hours.

We attended some panels -- "Bringing Digital Comics Into Schools & Libraries" and "Fandoms In The Library" to be exact. The digital comics one I think was very similar, if not the same as one of the panels Lenni and I attended in previous years, but whatever it killed sometime before the floor opened at 3:00pm.

Once the floor opened I got some good mileage out of the Dr. Scholl's®Active Series® Insoles that Influenster sent me a few weeks back (Which I was totally surprised I'd actually use, only because I rarely wear my sneakers). Lenni and I walked up and down the showroom floor checking out everything everyone had to offer, buying randomness (Or trying not to buy randomness. Damn you vendor selling blow up Daleks!!) and grabbing whatever free swag we could get our hands on (Which wasn't a lot).

I always have fun going into the city for New York Comic Con and this years con was no exception. The only real complaint I have is the lack of swag (With the exception of Broadway Nails, from whom I got a crapton of imPress Press-On nails which happen to be one of my favorite products ever). I understand everyone is cutting back but c'mon, I needs me some random swag!

Anyone else attend or planning to attend one of the other days? Lemme know!

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