November 14, 2013

Tiny Chatter...

I just listened to the most heartbreaking conversation ever between two little girls. The girls, both a little over three-years-old and regulars here, were sitting in the picture book room coloring and chatting away...
Little Girl #1 - "My mommy died. She died in a car accident."

Little Girl #2 - "A car accident?"

Little Girl #1 - "Yeah, a car accident. She got hit by a car."

Little Girl #2 - "I'm sorry. One day you'll get a new mommy..."

Little Girl #1 - "I'll have to remind my daddy to get me a new mommy..."
I couldn't believe what I was listening to, probably because I remember the accident like it was yesterday. Little Girl #1 has an older brother that came into the library everyday and after the accident it was all the nannies of the other children could talk about.

Little Girl #1's mom died a few weeks after she was born. The building the family lived in was doing maintenance on the parking garage, so she was forced to park on the street (Which according to their long time nanny was first time the mother had ever parked there). As she was getting out of her car another car, going WAY over the speed limit, hit her causing her to go flying and ultimately killed her.

Meh, now I'm sad even though the girls are on to a new topic.