December 8, 2013

Sunday Soical...

1. What Is The Wallpaper On Your Cell Phone?
It's a picture of a street sign that I took while I was in the Outer Banks, the name of the street is my first name. Since I can't show you that, I will show you my old wallpaper that I had up on my iPhone 4 and my current phone before I updated to iOS7.
It's the key hole to one of the building at the Vanderbuilt Mansion that I took when Justin & I went a few years ago. It would still be my background if it wasn't for it looking like crap on iOS7.

2. What Do You Keep Beside Your Bed? 
I keep my iPhone 5, iPad, Michael Kors iPad Case, LOVE Glass Coasters, a glass of water & hair ties.

3. What Is Your Least Favorite Chore?
I hate cleaning the floors. Sweeping and mopping... Blah!

4. If You Could Eliminate One Thing From Your Daily Routine, What Would It Be?
Hmm... Doing my hair. I wish I could just wake up with fabulous hair and not have to worry about it.

5. What Do You Do To Vent Anger?
I scream and curse a lot if I can, if not I cry because I want to be screaming and cursing.

6. What Is Your Favorite Holiday Of The Year & Why? 
Christmas. There is awesome food and presents.

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