January 29, 2014

Conspiracy Theories & Tears In The Library...

I know I've been kinda keeping mum about work recently and it's honestly because these ladies have been out of their minds and I'm trying to figure out what shadiness is going on within the library walls.

Yesterday "Amy" flipped her shit on our Department Head, and me inadvertently, because I got sent to a meeting last minute for a program she "runs" -- I put run in quotations because the only thing she is doing is running it into the ground.

Basically on Friday my Department Head noticed there was a meeting that someone in our department should go to and asked me because;

A) It was at a library less than ten minutes away from my apartment
B) "Amy" was scheduled to be off the day of the meeting
C) "Amy" doesn't own a car, thus couldn't get to said meeting

Somehow "Amy" turned me going to this meeting into a conspiracy theory about my Department Head and I trying to take this program away from her. Which is absurd because I hate that program more than anyone could image, plus I have my own programs to worry about.

So me going to a two hour long meeting that bored me on Monday, turned into a chaotic Tuesday afternoon in which people got upset, ran to administrators, cried, got loud, told they were unprofessional, etc.

I can't even express how angry I was yesterday without pages and pages full of profanity. It was utterly ridiculous and uncalled for. I don't need this bullshit stress in my life. Especially seeing how stress has recently affected some of my friends and family. Within the past two weeks two people I care about dearly have been so stressed they had to be sent to the emergency room, put on blood pressure medication and anti-anxiety medication because they are both on the verge of having heart attacks due to high blood pressure brought on by stress (One of them is 43-years-old the other is 28-years-old). I can't...

But, yeah... If you were wondering about life in the library, that's how it's going right now.

Hope you guys are less stressed than I am.


  1. I'm sorry you're having a tough time. We coordinate a big event for our business district each year, and dealing with some of the dramatic personalities can be really tough. People get so weird.

    1. Thanks Paulette!

      Oh yeah, people can get weird.

  2. Wow. What is wrong with people?