January 7, 2014

Old Cheesy Bread & Not Being A Charity...

Okay, so last week a handful of us ordered in food to the library because it was kinda chilly out. And as per usual I refused to ask "Julia" if she'd like to partake because I hate her and don't care if she starves to death or not. So my Department Head asks her to be nice and "Julia" declined because her GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) was acting up.

Life goes on. We order food. Eat the majority of the food. Hours go by.

"Julia" comes up to me, stutters and asks if she could have a piece of cheesy bread. I said snarkily that I didn't care but she would have to ask everyone else who paid if she could have it because they might want it. They all tell her they don't care if she eats it or not, so she goes to town on it.

I walk into the office as she is stuffing her face and say "That'll be a dollar..." A few minutes go by and I say "I wasn't kidding, that will be a dollar. My name isn't Charity..." She gives me a dollar.

Now my other coworkers are trying not to laugh. "Emily" walks up to me and goes "Really?? My name is not Charity?! You are so bad..." I looked at her and went into a whole thing about not being around to supply her with food. To which she ended up agreeing with and laughing at me.

So, you are all probably like what is the point of this story? What is the point of any of my stories? Well, I happened to go to my parents' house that evening and I tell them what had happened. And they tell me that I'm an asshole. Do you guys think I was being an asshole?

Here are some things to consider before answering that...
  1. "Julia" never offers to order anyone else food when she orders in for herself
  2. In the past when "Julia" has been included she has had tons of special requests
  3. She doesn't account for tax, tip or the fact that our menus are old & never gives enough money
  4. She claimed her GERD was acting up, did it stop acting up hours later? If it did why would she want to eat something cheesy and greasy that could cause it to flair up again?
So, lemme know what you think.


  1. I don't think you're an asshole. Sometimes I think you go an extra step that may not be needed but I understand that that comes out of frustration. I know how she can be and that she's an idiot.
    Sometimes I kinda feel bad for her because it's obvious that she's not dealing with a full deck of cards but at the same time she always struck me as someone who would lie to get what she wanted (even if it was just a piece of bread).
    Maybe I'm just biased because I recently got a lecture about "fostering a positive work environment" but I would just try to avoid humiliating her in front of everybody. People may laugh when you're around but who knows what they say when you leave the room, you know? Let Julia be the dumb one that gets in trouble for dumb shit and you just keep being the awesome lady you are!

  2. Uck, I totally hear you. As the unit clerk at the hospital (basically, the nurses' secretary) everyone seem to think it's my job to call in food orders, collect the money, pay for the food when it arrives, and then divide out all the orders. No one accounts for tax, tip, or the fact that our menus are old neither. :) And I totally hate when they want special requests or have questions. Blah.

    The good little angel on my shoulder says to tell you that you should be nice to "Julia". Who knows what issues or pain she is going through. But on the other hand, I totally agree with you. I guess I would split the difference and be direct and tell her if she wants to eat she has to pay. Or when she asks if she can eat your leftovers tell her you were planning on taking them home for your supper. :) But props for the "My name's not Charity." line. I may have to use that one next time we order out at my work. :)