January 5, 2014

Sunday Social...

1. Do You Plan To Change Any Of Your Eating Habits In The New Year?
Yes. I'm going to attempt to cut out cheese, drink fresh juice everyday, etc.

2. Any Workout Tips To Get Us Back In Shape After The Holidays?

3. What Is Your Favorite Thing You Did Over The Holidays? 
Spent time with my friends and family. Lame answer I know...

4. What Is Something You Hope That You Accomplish In 2014 That You Didn't In 2013?
Get a ring put on it.

5. Name Three Things Happening This Year You Are Excited About & Why?
  • Possibly going to Puerto Rico in April
  • Returning to Ocean City, MD with the girls for another crazy weekend
  • Watching Lisa plan her wedding


  1. Good luck cutting out cheese - I don't know if my own life would be worth living without it hahaha
    Stopping by from the link up :D


    1. It's gonna be a hard one for me. I LOVE cheese. So, we shall see.

      Thanks for stopping by!