February 18, 2014

Hello Geeky...

As you all know I love supporting my friends, especially if they are doing something that I think you guys might like. So I wanted to tell you all about Chastity's new podcast with her friend Gloria, whom some of you may know from her YouTube channel Glowpinkstah, called Hello Geeky over on SoundCloud.
It's about a thirty minute podcast where the ladies talk about pop culture stuff like movies, music, television, video games, celebrities, 90's gloriousiness in "Hello 90's", etc (Which are all things that I love, so I'm totally jealous because I wanna talk about all of that stuff with them). They have a YouTube promo video here if you wanna check that out or you can just listen to the podcasts bellow...

For updates on their podcast you can follow them on Twitter (@HelloGeekyGirls) or Instagram (@HelloGeekyGirls). Or on their personal Twitters, @Chastity_V and @Glowpinkstah.

If you enjoy their podcast and want to e-mail them your questions, comments, ideas for segments you'd like to hear or ask for advice you can do so at or leave me a comment below and I'll pass it on to them.

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