February 20, 2014

Inappropriate Phone Calls...

Just like in a restaurant or coffee shop, we have regulars here at the library. One family in particular is here all the time. The mother brings her teenage daughter, tween son and younger daughter on a regular basis for books and crafts. On top of that the older kids volunteer to sign kids up for our reading clubs, as well as to read to little kids. So they are here a lot. Like, they are here so much the mother and I are on a first name basis and she stands by the reference desk while her kids are looking for library materials to chat with me.

Well, they haven't been in in a while because their mother slipped on a patch of black ice and has been suffering from a concussion -- Which I know because the father, whom I had never met before the other day, had brought the two older children in for books and told me.

Since their mother is hurt and they aren't able to get here, the older kids didn't sign up to be reading club volunteers. Which is totally understandable. But "Julia" who didn't know about their mother just called their house to inquire as to why they didn't sign up to be volunteers because she had sent a flier to their home about it and they never responded.

I almost died when I heard her on the phone. Yeah, she didn't know that the woman was injured but still, what in her mind gave her the right to call this family's home to inquire as to why the kids didn't sign up to be reading club volunteers?!!?!! There are hundreds of thousands of reasons as to why someone doesn't want to volunteer from an illness to just not wanting to do it anymore. I am so annoyed and embarrassed for the library that she did this.


  1. Replies
    1. It was horrifying to listen to.

      It's classic "Julia" unfortunately.