March 22, 2014

Life As Of The Past Seven Days...

So, this is my seventh day working this week and it's been eventful but not all at the same time.

"Favorite Page #1" had her final day working at the library this past week, which caused some drama because "Julia" is a ridiculous fifty-four-year-old woman who cries when people don't ask her to order lunch.

I had to attend and speak at the local middle school's career day, which you all know I love so much...
And finally, today I had a lunch date planned with Day and on her way to the library she found an abandoned dog. So I drove her and the dog (Whom we affectionately named Mrs. Scruffy) to a local animal shelter so they could help the poor dog out.

So yeah, those are some of the little highlights from my insanely tiring week.