March 31, 2014

Snow Boots On Opening Day At Citi Field...

As you may or may not know today was Opening Day of baseball season, and as we do every year Justin and I went to Citi Field to see the Mets kick off the season. But unlike previous years, it was snowing when we woke up -- Which I'm not gonna lie, pissed me off beyond belief. 

Seeing that I was freaking out Justin told me that he checked the weather, baseball schedule, etc. and that the weather was going to get better and the game was still on, so we bundled up and headed into Queens. Where it didn't look like they had gotten any snow what-so-ever.
I'm still glad we bundled up (Minus my snow boots) because we ended up sitting in the shade and it was super windy.

We stayed and froze our asses off
until the Mets gave up three runs in the 10th inner and then we decided to head home because we knew they were done. Off to a great season, I can tell...


  1. I was at Opening Day for the Angels and it was a little chilly. But I went again last night and almost froze to death! In Southern California!!

    (It always looks so ominous when the entire infield comes in when a pitcher leaves, don't you think?)

    1. I would have expected you to have awesome weather. I was sitting at the game wishing in terms of baseball that we lived somewhere else with warm weather.

      I actually had to make him promise me that next year he'd get us seats in the outfield because it was sunny and warm over there.

      Totally. I looked at Justin and was like "Bye bye Gee..." when everyone started walking over.