April 16, 2014

Attending A Huffington Post Roundtable Discussion...

Earlier today I had the honor to attend a roundtable discussion hosted by The Huffington Post, Rodale and Laurie David (Who for those of you that don't know is a movie producer, author, Larry David's ex-wife and an environmental activist) about the upcoming documentary Fed Up (2014), The Family Cooks & the "Home Cooked Sundays" Challenge in New York City at The Huffington Post NYC Headquarters.

Can I tell you, it was amazing (And I had no idea what to except going into this whole thing). It started off with a beautiful little offering of delicious foods from The Family Cooks cookbook (I'm serious, it was all really yummy. Like, I am still snacking on some of the Seeds of Power Granola that I took to go). 
And then we headed into a little conference room to listen to Laurie, as well as Kristin Uhrenholdt, speak about and touch upon topics from the upcoming film Fed Up (2014), the concept behind the new cookbook (ex: Learning that everyone can cook, getting your family involved in cooking, not relying on processed foods, etc) and the idea of having "Home Cooked Sundays" become part of the American way of life.

It was all extremely interesting and there were a lot of things that I personally took away that I would like to implement in my own life and daily routines. Like being more aware of and trying to cut out some processed foods and sugars. Training my brain to reach for water with meals instead of whatever other beverage is on hand. So on and so forth...

I haven't mentioned it but I've already been kinda sorta detoxing for the past few weeks -- Minus all the booze I drank over the weekend and the rich lunch Justin and I shared on Sunday. I haven't had coffee or caffeine pills in over a month, I've only been drinking water or tea with little or no natural sweeteners, I've been substituting cauliflower for rice, limited dairy in the form of Greek yogurt, etc. So listening to Laurie and Kristin speak really made me want to continue and take it a further.

But yeah, this roundtable experience was amazing and you can bet if I get invited to another I'll be there in a heartbeat.

Oh, for those of you interested here is the trailer for Fed Up (2014)...

I think it looks like a fascinating documentary and I'm very much so going to drag some people to see it after it is released May 9th (I was actually invited to an advance screening tonight but I had to go to work, so I'm kinda bummed).

What do you guys think of all of the above?

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