April 18, 2014

Tickets To The View & Lunch In NYC...

Yesterday I went to a taping of The View (1997-Present) with my mother, sister and a friend at the ABC Studios in New York City. And I must say, I had a great time and would totally recommend going if any of you have the opportunity to do so -- You can sign up here for tickets. I warn you it takes a year or so for them to get back to you and invite you to a taping.
Like for every other TV show taping I've attended, we got to the studio super early to wait outside on line for hours before actually being let into the building, where you wait for even longer. And once it was almost time for the taping to begin they let us up to the set to be seated and as we walked in they gave us snacks (Chex Mix Muddy Buddies in Confetti Cake and cranberry juice). Which I thought was really awesome of them because not every show you go to gives you something to eat.

After we were seated we listened to the warm up comedian do his thing and tell us what we could and could not do throughout the course of the taping. And then it started.

We had the opportunity to attend a show with all four hosts and tons of guests. Darby Stanchfield from Scandal (2012-Present) co-hosted and they had on Wendy Williams who was talking about her book,  Susan Lucci, Ana Ortiz and Roselyn Sanchez from Devious Maids (2013-Present) and Steve Schirripa from Karma's A Bitch (2013- Present).

It was a pretty good line up and we got a bunch of free stuff. They gave everyone in the audience a copy of Ride Along (2014), the Wendy Williams book "Hold Me in Contempt" and the first season of Devious Maids (2013-Present) on DVD.
Once the show was done taping Sherri and Darby answered a few questions and then we shuffled out of the studio.
At that point we were all hungry and we went on a mission for food. After wandering around we gave up on the area we were in and just went downtown to Cafeteria because we all like the food there and it's always yummy.

When we were done with lunch we decided that we were all tired and that we should just all go back home. So we jumped on the subway, headed back to Penn Station and took the LIRR home.

It was a nice little day out.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. I've been to several TV show tapings and have never once gotten anything free. Boo.

    1. This was like the only one I've gotten swag from. All of the others have been super cheap.