May 4, 2014

Sunday Social...

1. Who Do You Call When You Need To Vent?
It depends what I'm venting about but in general either Erin or my mother.

2. Where Do You Go When You Need Alone Time?
I like to drive up and down the Ocean Parkway when I need to be alone and think.

3. What Is Your Favorite Alone Time Activity?
Listening to really loud music and dancing around.

4. What Is Something We Should All Stop & Read Right Now?
Unfortunately I don't have a suggestion for you at this very moment.

5. Who Do You Wish Would Read Your Blog That Doesn’t Already? Family? Celeb? 
Honestly, I wish that everyone would read my blog or my Twitter (My Twitter is funny if you don't mind the fact that I curse all the time on it, or at least I think it is).

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