May 21, 2014

Wedding Dress Shopping...

This past Sunday I went wedding dress shopping with my mother, sister, Lisa, Erin and Phil. And since I'm determined to spend under $1,000 on a dress I made an appointment at a David's Bridal to start off with and can I tell you, wedding dress shopping is frustrating.

Throughout the course of the appointment I tried on six or seven dresses and I didn't  really care for any of them. I mean, I went into this not really knowing what I wanted. I had seen dresses that I loved online but they weren't on plus size women so I knew that those dresses probably wouldn't look good on me. So when I was at the store I just let the lady helping me pull dresses in my size and price range.
The first two were long heavy dresses and I wasn't feeling them. I'm getting married in Central Park and I plan on going bar hopping with my friends after, so a long heavy dress isn't going to work for me. Plus I looked like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man in one of them and I kept making comments about how many Ghostbusters (1984) quotes I thought would come out of Justin's mouth if he saw me in that abomination -- "Choose the form of the Destructor!"

After that realization the lady started pulling tea length dresses for me. And while I enjoyed the cut of them, the dresses just weren't me and I didn't like the way they looked.

So yeah, all of that was kind of defeating.

But I think what pissed me off the most was the fact that people shopping in the store decided they should chime in and tell me what they thought about the dresses I had on. It was the third or four dress I tried on and this group of women, before I even had a chance to look at myself in the dress, told me I looked awesome and should buy that dress. I looked at myself in the mirror, turn to them and say "Um, no... I look like a fucking cupcake..." Then they started mumbling to one another.

After trying on the rest of the dresses the lady pulled for me another group of women asked me if I was getting one of the other dressed I had tried on because I looked so good in it. I just looked at them and said I disagreed with them and hated all of the dresses I had tried on.

Then as Lisa, Erin and my sister were trying on bridesmaids dresses (Two that looked absolutely horrible on them and one that was put in the running) another group of women asked me about one of the dresses.

I don't know why these people thought they could butt in on my wedding dress consultation and tell me what they thought about how I looked. I would never do that to someone because:
  1. I don't know the person
  2. It's none of my business
  3. I don't give a fuck 
After the fact my mother told me that it annoyed her that people were chiming in also. Which she didn't say to me while we were dress shopping probably because she knows I'm easy to rile up and I was already getting angry and cursing about various things.

But yeah, the only thing I really got out of my visit to David's Bridal is that I'm probably best off wearing a tea length dress.
Once we were done there we headed over to this big dress shop on Long Island and it was just horrible. Horrible customer service. Horrible dress selection. Horrible everything.

I put on two dresses, actually I didn't fully get into the second dress because it was so bad (The lady who worked there decided she wanted to come help me at that point and tie the dress up for me and my sister was just like "No, take that off and lets go..." The lady was like "It'll look nice once it's tied..." and my sister was like "No! It's fucking ugly") and then I just left the store pissed off.

I was so annoyed after the experience that I actually texted everyone later on to apologize for wasting their time -- They claim I didn't, but I felt like I did.

So yeah, the dress hunt continues. I'm actually going to check out a few shops Thursday and Friday with my mother. Hopefully I will find something I like or I'm gonna go to a local seamstress and have them make me a custom wedding dress.


  1. I'm sorry. The only times I've ever gone dress shopping with friends, they found the one they loved almost right away, so I've never had a frustrating experience, but I'm sure it was horrible. You'll find the right one, though!

    1. It was pretty bad but I found an amazing dress and I'm going to go to a shop in New York City next Thursday with my mother to try it on and see if it looks amazing on me.