June 19, 2014

Actually Doing Work At Work...

I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know the only reason that I've been missing in action this time around is because I've actually been busy at work -- Shocker, I know. The summer reading club starts next week so I've been out on the floor decorating and when I'm not doing that, as well as my regularly scheduled programs, I've been setting up iPads (We just got a Crayon Kiosk yesterday, which is this thing that looks like a crayon that hold iPads for the kiddies to use) & other tablets for the patrons to use. So, I should be done with almost all of that by next week but I'm hoping I can sneak in a post or two before that.

Sorry I suck. I leave you with Steve...


  1. I mean, Steve seems really friendly. I am okay with this. Excited to see the decorations!