June 25, 2014

Wedding Update...

Since my last wedding post the following has happened...
  • I've done some more dress shopping and have been unable to find a wedding dress from your typical bridal boutique (Damn lack of dresses for plus size women! I'm a big girl that doesn't want to look like a cupcake walking down the "aisle") -- I did pick up two dresses from Macy's and another from ModCloth. So, I'm kind of just collecting dresses I can return at the moment.
  • Justin and I have picked out the reading we'd like to have for our ceremony and decided that I'm going to write the same vows for us each to say to one another -- Justin sucks and can't write his own, and we didn't like any of the vows we found online.
  • We found a restaurant we wanted to have lunch with our guests at after our ceremony -- We had some booking problems with them at first but everything has since been sorted out.
  • We decided that we wanted to honeymoon in Greece and are searching for flights so we can book this sweet tour we found. 
  • I've been searching in thrift store and flea markets for brooches for my brooch bouquet -- I scored a few nice ones over the weekend at a local flea market.
  • I've been searching all of those booking sites for a deal on a hotel room so I can wake up in New York City that morning and not have to worry about having my hair and makeup done then rushing into the city. 
  • I've arranged it so that my friend Jamie who works in a salon is going to come to whatever hotel I book and do my makeup, as well as Erin and my sisters. And she got one of the girls she works with on board to do all of our hair. So I'm super excited about that.
That's been really it. I have a lot more that I have to get done but I think I'm doing well.


  1. Sounds like your plans are just coming right along. It's going to be a beautiful wedding!

  2. Sounds amazing! You have been busy! Bet you're getting excited now!