July 23, 2014

Trying To Give A Dog A Bone...

Oh wow, so "Julia" did this fossil program yesterday and she apparently bought cheap dog bones for the children to use to make imprints into whatever dough was made. And since last night she has been trying to give the extras away. First she asked "Emily" who cooks dinner for herself and her dogs and then she asked me if Nella would like them. To which I stopped myself from telling her that Nella eats better than most humans, and definitely better than her.

So just now she walked up to the teen reading club volunteers and asked if any of them had a dog. Then proceeded to tell them that she has these cheap dog bones she is trying to get rid of. And she forced the box on one of the teens.

What is wrong with this lady?! Just throw the damn cheap dog bones away. God knows she bought them in a dollar store and they were probably made in some random country that allows weird chemicals and metals to be put into their products.

I just don't understand...

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