August 7, 2014

Photo-An-Hour: Friday, August 1st...

It's been a while since I've done a photo an hour day, so here is last Friday in photos...

7:00AM - Got my juice, keys and purse, time to go to work (Or my parents' house to steal coffee)

8:00AM - In the elevator with my stolen coffee.

9:00AM - Trying to pick out children's books from a donation cart to put in the Little Free Libraries.

BONUS PICTURE + A SONG - A book featuring 90's Canadian brother band The Moffatt's!

I'll Be There For You by The Moffatts on Grooveshark

10:00AM - On the boardwalk filling up the Little Free Libraries with more books.

11:00AM - Pretending to work because I only had an hour left for the day. Yay half days!

12:00PM - Drove over to my parents' house after leaving work early.

1:00PM - Started messing around with my brooch bouquet.

2:00PM - Got all my documents together so Justin and I could go get our marriage license.

3:00PM - Headed into Queens to get Mexican food and go to a Mets game with Justin and my dad.

4:00PM - Had a Mexican feast at Tortilleria Nixtamal with Justin and my dad.

5:00PM - Got to Citi Field early and waited in line because it was T-Shirt Friday.

6:00PM - Watched batting practice and waited for the game to start from the Caesar's Club.

7:00PM - Watched baseball. Talked to my dad. Watched Justin score the game.

8:00PM - Watched more baseball (Or watched the Mets losing).

I didn't keep going because 9:00PM was more baseball and driving home from the game. But yeah, this was my day.

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