September 24, 2014

Back From Greece...

It's been awhile but I'm back! Justin and I got back from our honeymoon Monday night and I've been super jet lagged (We spent over eighteen hours traveling Monday and we spent another eight hours on a boat on Sunday). So because of that this isn't going to be my whole big break down post of my trip that I tend to do after I go away. I will though share a photo or two for those of you that haven't already been bombarded with my Instagram feed.

Plus aside from all of that I am trying to figure out what I should post about first, our wedding or our honeymoon. I feel like I should post about our wedding but I haven't gotten our pictures back from the photographer yet and I kinda wanna post a few of those because Justin gave me permission to post a photo of us from our wedding -- So you will finally see what he looks like from the front! But I already have all of our honeymoon pictures because I took them...

So, do you guys care if I post out of order? Lemme know.

And for those who made it through that mini rant, here are a few out of context pictures from Greece...


  1. Post them in whatever order you darned well please!

    I can't wait to see the photos of Greece! The ones you posted are beautiful!