September 1, 2014

Honeymoon Shopping Haul...

Like I mentioned in a post on Friday, I've been busy getting ready for my trip to Greece and that means shopping because I am one of those people that needs new clothing for trips -- Yes, I know it's ridiculous but I like new clothing for my trips.

So here are a handful of the new piece I bought for myself to wear while in Greece...
  1. Forever 21 Cool Girl Chevron Maxi Dress - $19.80
  2. Fashion To Figure Crossover Aztec Jumper - $38.50
  3. Forever 21 Marled Knit Joggers - Sold Out
The jumper and jogger pants are both super comfy and I think that I'll be wearing those bad boys while traveling back and forth from New York to Athens and the dress I just thought was a nice little option to have because like the other items it's comfy.

  1. Forever 21 Tribal Print Knit Tank - $14.90
  2. Forever 21 Mod Dots Bandeau - $4.99
  3. Forever 21 Goddess Cutout Swimsuit - $18.99
  4. Forever 21 Globetrotter Woven Kimono - Sold Out
The first three I ordered but haven't received in the mail yet, so I don't know if I actually like them. But the kimono is awesome and just makes me want to buy more in different patterns and just wear those the whole trip with shorts/jeans and a tank top.

But yeah, those are some of the pieces I picked up. I got some other things that I can't seem to find online from like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc. And I have a bunch of old pieces that I'll be bringing with me but that is my current shopping haul. I'm sure I'll pick up more pieces in the next week.


  1. I've been kinda curious about Forever 21's plus-size is it? the prices are so great and the styles are amazing! And I'm totally like you, if I'm going on a special trip I'm definitely buying at least one new thing. LOL

    1. I love it. I've been buying stuff from it for years and I've always been very happy with the products. And they last. I've had clothing from them that has been kicking for four plus years.