October 6, 2014

Our Wedding...

It's been a month since mine and Justin's wedding, so I thought it was about time that I share our wedding story with all of you (Plus we got our photos in from the photographer). Which started off with the girls and I spent the evening before the wedding in one of the penthouse suites at Hotel Wales in New York City (Thanks to my mother) because I needed to wake up in the city and get ready there for my own piece of mind. So the day of the wedding I woke up around 5:45AM because Emily (The amazing stylist that did mine and the girls' hair) and Jamie (Our equally amazing makeup artist) were arriving at the hotel around 6:00AM to get everyone beautiful for the wedding.

We collectively spent hours getting dolled up as we drank Starbucks and mimosas to prepare us for the day ahead.
By 10:15AM we were all dress and waiting for an Uber to come drive us to the 79th Street entrance of Central Park -- It was only thirteen blocks from the hotel but there was no way in hell I was walking there.
We got to the park around 10:40AM to find almost all of our wedding guests waiting for the girls and I to arrive. We said hello to everyone, I had a quick makeup touch up because instead of being the average of 75 degrees that had read about the temperature being on that day for the past thirty years it was 92 degrees out (Which ended up being the hottest day this year) and got the show on the road, after my father kicked a poor pedestrian and his dog out of the area we were getting married in.
Our ceremony only lasted twenty or so minutes (Our reading, which I posted about here, was super long) but it was perfect.
After saying "I do" we took a bunch of photos with our wedding guests and then we had a little photography session with just the two of us as our wedding guests headed downtown to La Lanterna Di Vittorio where our lunch/reception was taking place.
Once we were done with our photos we hopped in a cab and headed downtown ourselves. Can I tell you, traffic was a bitch that day because of parades and various street fairs blocking the streets. So Justin and I arrived a little late to our own lunch/reception, but not as late as my parents', Tia, cousin and Nicole who ended up getting stuck in traffic for an hour and forty minutes trying to get to the restaurant. Thankfully they made it eventually and my sister and I made sure to have a Jack Daniels and Sprite waiting for our father when he walked in -- He's Cuban, thus angered/excited easily and we were worried he'd be pissed.

As soon as they arrived I told the owner, who was very accommodating, that they had finally made it and he could continue food service -- I put a stop to the pizzas coming out without my family there. He was so nice he had the waitresses bring out fresh appetizer platters for them since they had missed it.
So we ate amazing pizza, drank, Justin and I were forced to have first dance as well as dance with our parents, had dessert, etc. before we left La Lanterna to head off to Off The Wagon for an open bar that Liz set up for us with our other wedding guest (We had wedding wedding guests and bar hopping wedding guests).
At the bar we were greeted by the second wave of guests. We drank, we ate some more and just had a great time. We had such a great time that we ended up staying at the bar the whole time instead of bar hopping which was the original plan.
Around 10:00PM-10:30PM I decided that I wanted ice cream from Cones, so a group of us headed that way because "If the Bride wants ice cream, the Bride gets ice cream." So I ate wonderful almond ice cream before deciding that I was super tired and wanted to go back to the hotel

Just as we were leaving Cones it started pouring. Justin was so cute, he stood on the corner in the pouring rain trying to hale a cab for us. Eventually one took pity on us and drove us all the way back uptown to Hotel Wales.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our wedding day, even through the rain, heat, crazy traffic, etc.


  1. He has a face! :) Lovely photos. It sounds like you had a truly wonderful day. I love the picture where you're touching his nose. Thanks for sharing!

    1. He does! I was so excited when he told me I could to share wedding photos with him in them.

      We did. It was awesome. :-D

  2. What a great day. And you guys are such a cute couple! It's fun to see pictures of the groom!

    Sorry about the heat and the rain, though. Those parts don't sound like much fun.

    1. Awww thank you so much!

      It was so crazy hot. Thankfully you can't tell how badly everyone was sweating in the pictures.