November 3, 2014

Overdue: Sunday At Fort Totten...

A couple of weekends ago Justin and I drove into Queens to visit Fort Totten Park, which is has a preserved Civil War fortress and other park stuff. So here are my pictures and such from that day...
As pretty as the park is, we only really explored the area with the old Civil War batteries/forts.
We actually climbed up those janky looking steps and wandered around the top for a bit. Can I tell you, I'm surprised I didn't bust my ass and hurt myself. But I probably didn't because I wasn't worried about taking pictures up there.
I honestly would have entered and walked around the random hallways of the build if I would have had the foresight to bring a flashlight and wear sneakers. Now I know for next time when I go back with Phil and the others.
After wandering around that one beat up battery for a while we started to walk towards the path of the water battery only to find that the gate was locked for some reason.
So we headed back to the battery we were originally at because we thought we could get to the other from there and we could but it was a steep hill down to them. At that point we decided to give up and come back another day when it was actually open to the public and we headed off to go get lunch at a restaurant Justin found on Yelp.

So that was our little adventure at Fort Totten.

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