November 14, 2014

Smart Boards & Pancake Videos...

A couple of weeks ago my library got a Smart Board and my Director has been on me to use it in my programs. And the minute the man saw me today he was like "Are you using the Smart Board today?" and I just looked at him like he had five heads and informed him that I had a cooking program today.  He started with the "You can put on blah blah blah..." To which I responded "We are making pancakes..." and I walked away.

When I got into my department I told my Department Head and she was like "Can't you try to find something to show them, so he can tell the Board of Trustees that it's been used?" So I sighed and went over to my desk to search YouTube for pancake videos. The first one I found was amusing to me but the guy making pancakes started cursing three seconds into the video. Womp womp!

Then I saw a video on making pancake apes on the sidebar and oh my God, it was amazing. After finishing up that one I started watching his other videos and my mind has been blown. Look at this...

How amazing is this guy?!

I know at least one of you is sitting there going, what was the point of this whole post? Well, the point is I love my job when I get to do random things like search the internet for pancake videos. That's it.

Sorry/not sorry for being so random.

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