November 20, 2014

Taking Stock | Late Sunday Steal...

Making: waves.

Cooking: bacon in the oven for the mac & cheese bar I'm having tomorrow night for our friends.

Drinking: a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Reading: some e-mails.

Wanting: a GoPro Hero 4.

Looking: out my window making sure there are no creepers (I had a creepy guy looking into my apartment from across the way Sunday night and it freaked me out).

Wasting: time.

Wishing: I was off tomorrow.

Enjoying: not being at work.

Waiting: for Justin to get home.

Liking: all of the artwork Justin & I put up in the apartment (I'll be making a post about it).

Wondering: how cold it's going to be on Saturday when Justin & I go to Citi Field for Foo Fighters tickets.

Loving: my new necklace from Urban Outfitters.

Listening: to the latest Hello Geeky podcast.

Needing: sometime to watch 90's movies because Hello Geeky made me want to watch some.

Smelling: the sweet smell of baked bacon.

Wearing: a black t-shirt from Old Navy and Forever 21 Marled Knit Joggers.

Following: no one.

Noticing: everything.

Knowing: things other people don't know.

Thinking: about the trip to Spain, Portugal & Morocco that I'm planning to go on with Erin & Day.

Feeling: just okay.

Bookmarking: recipes to try.

Opening: my mail.

Giggling: about the squirrel Go Pro video my friend posted.


  1. Replies
    1. I love that video. I've showed it to everyone I know and told them it just made me want a GoPro and a pet squirrel.