January 29, 2015

Car Troubles, Snowstorms, Etc...

Since I haven't really posted in about a week I wanted to touch base and let everyone know that I haven't been around for a combination of reasons. The first being that my car has been giving me a lot of trouble and I actually ended up having to stay at my parents' house so I could get to work -- Which is not ideal because I always seem to forget something I need to do X, Y or Z, thus I can't get any blogging done.

The second being the snow. Because everyone was worried about the blizzard New York was supposed to get Monday into Tuesday, I spent the whole time I was at work on Monday calling patrons to tell them that X program had been cancelled. So I had no time to sit down in front of my computer.

And lastly, I've been preparing and doing a ton of reading for that post-graduate class that I mentioned that I might take -- Which was scheduled to start this past Tuesday but was cancelled because of the snow.

So those are the reasons I haven't been around for the past week. Hopefully things will chill out so I can get back to doing fun things and bitching about my coworkers.

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