January 4, 2015

Fire & False Alarms...

So today has been a fun day at the library. About an hour and a half ago I was in the middle of troubleshooting my Department Head's laptop and iPhone in our office when the fire alarm starts going off. My Department Head, "Favorite Page #3" and I get everyone out of the Youth Services Department relatively quickly and then proceed to check the surrounding areas. Unfortunately there was a program going on in the auditorium and the old patrons who were attending it refused to get out. My Department Head had to get on the microphone and tell everyone they needed to evacuate, which kinda sorta helped but not really -- We ended up spent twenty to thirty minutes trying to get them all off the second floor and outside of the building.

Once outside the building we just stood around, answering questions to the best of our ability and waited for the fire department to show up (Which was odd because the fire department is literately around the corner from the building). Eventually they showed up (Later on we found out that they never got the call from our alarm system and someone actually ended up calling it in), checked the building and told us nothing was wrong. Apparently the alarm that set the whole thing off was the one in the public mens restroom, which was odd because I had gone in there while we were trying to get people out of the building and didn't smell any kind of smoke in there. So now we are back in the building wondering what happened.

What I've learned from all of this is that if that was a real fire we would have died because of all of those old people. And I swear if I ever smell smoke in this building I'm running away and not helping anyone.


  1. What is it with old people refusing to evacuate? We have to do drills on my college campus twice a year and it's always the older students who refuse to budge.

    1. I honestly have no idea. It was just so ridiculous how they refused to move and then took forever to do so once we got them going.