January 13, 2015

¿Quién Mató a Patricia Soler? | Guilty Pleasures...

So, I have a guilty pleasure that most people don't know about and might find weird because I'm not fluent in Spanish (I speak Spanglish) but I really enjoy Spanish language programs (With subtitles) and find myself watching them once in a blue moon. I don't know, there is just something about television and films in Spanish that sucks me in -- I think it's that I find Spanish language programing to be a bit of a refresher in between all of the English language programing that I watch. I dunno...

But yeah, I watch Spanish language programing and because of that I wanted to share the details of MundoFOX's upcoming telenovela ¿Quién Mató a Patricia Soler? (Who Killed Patricia Soler?) with all of you because it seem like it could be good drama filled refresher show if you're someone like me.
Starring Mexican superstar Itatí Cantoral, ‘¿Quién Mató a Patricia Soler?’ is the story of a woman betrayed by those closest to her and her search for justice.     
Sara Fernández (Itatí Cantoral) is at the pinnacle of her life, she is a very successful business woman in the jewelry industry, she is married  to a good man and has two wonderful children. All this suddenly comes to an end during a trip to New York City when she is accused of murdering her best friend and business partner, Patricia Soler. Sara is imprisoned for the crime which she presumably committed. After spending 17 years in a maximum security prison, Sara returns to unmask the real assassin and fight for everything she lost during those years. Her journey will not be an easy one, as each of her former friends, business partners and closest family members are now possible suspects and could be the real murderer.    
¿Quién mató a Patricia Soler? is a story of betrayal, revenge, mystery and suspense, with a storyline that will surprise viewers up until the very moment when Patricia Soler’s real murderer is revealed.

It seems like I could be an interesting, especially if it's slightly over the top but not too much like some telenovelas can be. Either way I look forward to finding out who killed Patricia Soler.

What are your guilty pleasures in terms of television or film? Lemme know.

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  1. I don't really ever watch Telenovelas because yo no hablo espanol, but this one sounds really intriguing! I might have to check it out anyway!

    1. Lemme know if you do! They are still a lot of fun to watch with subtitles.