February 21, 2015

Butt Dialing Drama...

So yesterday I had the day off because I'm working today and I figured I'd be kinda sort of productive and go shopping for an outfit for Alana's bachelorette party which is next Friday, as well as pick up some groceries because I had people coming over.

While I was out I noticed that my Department Head had texted me, so I called her to give her the information she had asked me about and went on with my shopping. About fifteen minutes later I feel my phone vibrating under the twelve layers of clothes I was wearing because it was super cold out and it's my sister bugging out. She was like "Call dad!" and I'm like "Why? What's wrong?" She proceeds to tell me that my father called her in a panic saying I had called him and all he heard was heavy breathing and weird noises and he basically thought I was dying.

So I hang up on her, call my dad and assure him that I was not dying and that I was out shopping and must have accidentally hit a button on my iPhone that dialed their house number when I had gotten off the phone with my Department Head. Thankfully I called when I did because he was convinced I was dying somewhere and was about to call the cops and have them go to my apartment.

After speaking to my father I noticed that I had a text message, missed call and a voicemail from Justin* So I call him quickly and find out that my dad had called him too and that he was on his way back to our apartment to make sure I wasn't dying on the floor.

I cannot believe that all of this happened over an accidental pocket dial. I mean, I thought it was amusing as it was happening but I guess I could understand why my dad bugged out.

Have any of you ever dealt with anything like this? Lemme know.

* Justin NEVER calls me. He always texts me. I think people are dead when he calls me.


  1. That's hilarious!

    I had a friend who worked a night shift at a school and would fall asleep on the couch with the TV on. He accidentally called me a couple of times at like 3 in the morning. One time, I picked up the phone and heard screaming. Turns out he had fallen asleep to a scary movie.

    1. That's crazy. I don't even know how I'd react to that, that is if I actually woke up because I don't normally hear my phone when I'm sleeping even though it's not that far away from me.

  2. My parents have pocket dialed me, and the results have been pretty funny.

    At least everyone understands how our fancy phones can have buttons pressed accidentally & it's an accepted thing once explained.

    Glad you noticed & were able to call your Dad.

    1. Oh, my dad has a flip phone so he doesn't get how it happened but I did get him to chill out after a few minutes of assuring him that I was indeed alive and well.