February 6, 2015

Shitty Situation...

Just so you've been warned, this story is a little sad and a lot gross...

This morning I was scheduled to come into work at 10:00am (The library opens at 9:00am) because I had one of my normal programs in the afternoon and I ended up getting in about fifteen/twenty minutes early, which is pretty normal for me. And thinking that I had some time before I has to go to work I started talking to the Assistant Director about the trip I'm planning to Spain this summer by the time clock. I wasn't even a minute into the conversation when one of the Clerks says "Librarian... I need your help." I thought she wanted the Assistant Director but no, she wanted me. She starts to tell me that the patron in front of her came in with one of our special kits to renew, which you can only do in the Youth Services Department, and that no one was upstairs in the department.

I instruct her on what to do about the item the patron brought in and begin to freak out because the department has been left abandoned for whatever reason. I started to head upstairs when I see "Julia" rush past me from the stairwell, followed by the Director. She rushes out of the building and the Director just walks over to the time clock area, waving his arms in the air like "Don't even ask..." when I was making faces by the elevator.

I get into the department where I find one of the Adult Librarians sitting at our reference desk looking confused -- The Adult Librarian in question is one of those really old ladies who should have retired already but hasn't and likes to tell me how to do my job, in a cute way like I don't know what I'm doing and she is teaching me.

I start to inquire as to what happened and she has no clue. A couple of minutes later my Department Head walks in and I just stare at her like "I know you know something is wrong..." She just shrugs and continues to walk into our office.

Eventually we come to find out that "Julia" came into work late and ended up getting sick in our public restroom. So sick, this was told to me by our Newletter-Clerk guy, that she made a complete mess in the restroom and it wasn't vomit... It was so bad that they had to lock the restroom up and we had to send people next door to another business.

At some point in the day, hours later they re-opened the restroom. I went to go use it and it was disgusting still. I swear to God there was fecal matter on the floor from the "Out of Order" stall leading up to the sink. I almost vomited and ran back into my department to let my Department Head and "Lori" know that it was still terrible in the restrooms and not to go near them.

So yeah, that's the grossiness that went on in the library today. And I just don't understand why she would even come into work if she knew she wasn't feeling well. It makes no sense to me and this is coming from someone who has some mild gastrointestinal problems. But whatever.


  1. What a great way to start your day!

    1. It was so ridiculous. I'm waiting to see if she comes in today and if she has anything to say about it.

  2. That's awful! I hope she was feeling better. Seriously, why do people feel THAT devoted to their jobs??

    1. Honestly, she is a horrible person. If she wasn't I would have felt bad but she is evil so I really didn't.

      I know, I'm a bad person...