March 25, 2015

News For All My Disney Lovers...

Seeing as I married into a family of Disney freaks fanatics (I'm not kidding... They go to Disney World almost every year and every year I have to make up an excuse not to go because I can only Disney so much. I haven't been to a Disney theme park since they got me to go to Disneyland in 2008) and this is the kind of tidbit that they'd love to know, I thought that I'd share it with all of you just in case...

This Saturday the Disney Store is celebrating its 28th anniversary and with said celebration comes a bunch of special one-day savings. Each store will be hosting a special opening ceremony, and the first twenty-eight guests to make a purchase in each store that day will receive a free gift. Guests can also participate in fun, engaging activities throughout the day, as well as dance and sing during the Cast Member JAMboree, taking place the 28th minute of every hour.
So if you love Disney and need an excuse to head over to your local Disney Store, I think this sounds like it could be a cute reason to do so and I think the kiddies would love it. If you can't head into a store they are also offering special savings online.

If you do stop by lemme know how it was. I'm curious to know.
* I did not receive anything for writing this post. I was asked to mention it, so I did as an FYI for you guys.


  1. I'm pretty obsessed with Disney. So much that when I was in Paris last summer, I actually went to Disneyland Paris by myself.

    I can't believe the Disney store has been around 28 years!

    1. See, I'd totally go to Disneyland Paris or the one in Tokyo. That seems awesome but I can only do Disney World once every few years.

      I know! It's pretty neat.