March 1, 2015

Sunday Steal...

Are You A Jealous Person?
I can be...

When Is The Next Time You’re Traveling Out Of State?  
I'm not exactly sure but Day did mentioned the other day that she might have booked and forgotten to tell Erin and I a hotel for another one of our Ocean City, MD trips.

Can You Write Your Name In A Foreign Language?  

When You’re Getting Ready For Something, Do You Listen To Music? 
Music or a podcast. It depends. 

What Is Your Favorite Day Of The Week? 
Any day I'm not working.

What Is Something You Did Yesterday & Wish You Could’ve Done Today?   
Not really.

If you Woke Up Tomorrow & Knew A Different Language, Which Language Would You Want It To Be?   
I just wish I could speak fluent Spanish, instead of Spanglish.

What Did You Last Order Online?  
Makeup from Colourpop (And not the order that I wrote a blog post about).

Do You Have Any Specific Hobbies?   
I love thrifting, collecting things, photography, etc.

What’s a Song You Recently Discovered That You Want To Tell Everyone About?   
Unfortunately I don't have one.

Favorite Fall Or Winter Accessory? 

What Did You Last Eat?  
I tried one of those Yoplait Greek 100 Calorie Whips in strawberry and it was gross.

Look To Your Left. What’s There?  
Our recliner.

How Long Does It Take You To Fall Asleep?   
Forever and a day.

Is There A TV In The Room You Are In?   

What Comes To Your Mind When I Say Red?  

Name Something You Think Is Pointless? 
I can't think of anything right now which is strange but I guess I'm tried, so I'll come back to this.


  1. Amen to the favorite day of the week being any day you're not working. Totally agree.

  2. I agree with you on the Yoplait Greek whips - a spoon full of sourness would be a more correct're a linger on and on before sleeper, too? Rotten, isn't it?

    1. They were so gross!!! I love their regular whipped yogurts but these were terrible.

      It sucks so much.