April 27, 2015

Cooking & Watching A Movie | The Boy Next Door...

If you follow me on Instagram you know that about a week or so ago I got an advance copy of the Jennifer Lopez movie The Boy Next Door (2015), which is actually coming out tomorrow April 28th on DVD/Blu-Ray, and last night I finally got a chance to watch it as I was making dinner -- Thank you Lisa for reminding me that I have a DVD player in my kitchen.

And I must say I really enjoyed this movie and that being said, going into it I didn't think I would. So I was completely surprised how engrossed I was with it. I actually took my sweet time prepping all of the ingredients so I could stand in front of the television to watch it. I unfortunately had to stop in the middle because I finished cooking, but as soon as we were done eating I went right back into our kitchen and was standing up, leaning on the counter watching the rest of it. And when I was done I walked into the living room to Justin, who was watching the Subway Series, and I went on and on about how I ended up liking it.
For those of you that don't know what the movie is about, here is the official synopsis...
Jennifer Lopez (Maid in Manhattan, Out of Sight, Monster-in-Law, The Wedding Planner) stars as Claire Peterson, a high school literature teacher struggling to get back in the dating game after separating from her cheating husband (John Corbett, TV's Parenthood and United States of Tara). When handsome and charismatic 19-year-old Noah (Ryan Guzman, Step Up series, TV's Pretty Little Liars) moves in next door, Claire has a moment of weakness that leads to an extremely intense and intimate night together. Noah's attraction quickly turns into a dangerous, violent obsession, forcing Claire to her limits as she protects her world from being torn apart.

Rated: R       Genre: Thriller       Run Time: 93 Minutes
But yeah, it was good! I'd totally recommend watching it. If you do, lemme know!

And for those wondering, I made lemon ricotta raviolis in a lemon sage parmesan cream sauce with sauteed onions, garlic, burnt broccoli, mushrooms and dollops of ricotta -- Justin's had prosciutto.
FYI - It was really yummy and I highly recommend trying Trader Joe's lemon ricotta raviolis.


  1. that looks delicious! What I wouldn't do for some Polly-o products. Texas just doesn't understand mozzarella or ricotta.

    1. Thank you!

      No Polly-O in Texas?! Oh, I don't know if I could live like that. I LOVE Polly-O.

    2. I definitely mourn NY food with sad frequency. I even tried making ricotta cheese from scratch--that's how desperate I was!

    3. How did that go? Want me to get some dry ice and send you some?

  2. That food looks so yummy!

    I don't know about the movie though...

    1. Thank ya! It came out well.

      You know what, I legit was skeptical on if I was going to like it and I actually really liked it. I mean it's not my new favorite movie but it entertained me.