June 21, 2015

Twenty-Four Fun Photos To Snap This Summer...

Back in December Chantelle of FatMumSlim made a list of twenty-four fun photos to snap over the summer in conjunction with Olympus Australia, and I've been saving the list to use for once summer rolled around here in the Northern Hemisphere. And since today is the official start of summer, here is the list...
Unlike her monthly photo-a-day lists there are no hashtags, but if you want to join in just tag @FatMumSlim on Instagram/Twitter.

I'm determined to take pictures of all twenty-four items on this list throughout the summer! I haven't figured out how I want to do it yet but I will take and post twenty-four photos based on these prompts.


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    1. Isn't it? I literally have been waiting for this post to go live for months because I loved this list.