August 12, 2015

Incubus & Deftones At Jones Beach...

Last Wednesday I saw Incubus and Deftones play Jones Beach Theater here on Long Island with my sister, her boyfriend Erik and Liz. Unfortunately I don't have great pictures from the show because we opted to see them from further away this show but I still wanted to do a little post about it.
We don't know the two people in the row above us. But they were pretty bad ass.
Making stupid faces because that what Liz and I do.
They had two opening bands, The Bots and Death From Above 1979. Both which we missed watching watching because we decided to hang out in the parking lot (Which is the thing to do at Jones Beach Theater, especially if it's a nice evening before the show started started) but we kinda sorta heard them.

The Deftones came on after Death From Above 1979 and they were fine. I don't listen to them, so they sounded good but I don't actually know any of their songs aside from "Minerva" which they didn't play. After their seventeen song set and a short break Incubus came on.

Deftones Set List
  1. Diamond Eyes 
  2. Rocket Skates 
  3. Tempest 
  4. Swerve City 
  5. Bloody Cape 
  6. Sextape 
  7. You've Seen the Butcher 
  8. Beware 
  9. My Own Summer (Shove It) 
  10. Lhabia 
  11. Knife Prty 
  12. Digital Bath 
  13. Change (In the House of Flies) 
  14. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) 
  15. Headup 
  16. Bored 
  17. Engine No. 9
And as always Incubus was great (This was my 10th or 11th time seeing them live). I mean, I would have liked to listen to them play longer but shorter set lists are the nature of the beast when a band headlines with another. At least Brandon took his shirt off to play the drums which is something he hasn't done in forever -- My sister was extremely happy.

Incubus Set List
  1. Nice to Know You
  2. Anna Molly 
  3. Circles 
  4. Absolution Calling 
  5. Are You In? 
  6. Sick Sad Little World 
  7. Vitamin 
  8. Trust Fall 
  9. In the Company of Wolves 
  10. Pistola
  11. Wish You Were Here 
  12. I Miss 
  13. You Love Hurts
  14. Pardon Me 
  15. Megalomaniac
  16. Drive 
  17. A Crow Left of the Murder
Overall it was a good show. I would have preferred to see them alone but whatever. I'm looking forward to seeing them the next time their on tour but I hope they go back to playing smaller venues because I like smaller shows better. But honestly they're my favorite band and I'll see them no matter where they play.

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