August 4, 2015

Library Life Update...

So I haven't written about work in a long time and that's because things were just not pleasant here for a good while. But since things have calmed down a bit I feel like it's a good time to catch everyone one up on whats been going on at the library.

Well first off, "Amy" and "Marie" both quit... "Amy" quit back in February after a freak hot coffee incident (She some how spilled a less than half empty cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee on her leg and ended up with second/third degree burns -- Yeah, we still don't understand the whole thing) in conjunction with a bunch of other personal and work related issues that came to a head. While "Marie" quit last week because she got more days at her other job and ultimately because she hated our Department Head and Director with a fiery passion, that in her case I can't really blame her for.

Speaking of our Director, he announced last month that he was retiring come October after almost forty years of being Director of this library. This has some of the staff freaking out (Including myself a bit) because the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know...

"Julia" had surgery and was out for over a month to the joy of my department. But she came back last week and has been just as useless as ever.

Since "Amy" and "Marie" quit they've begun the process of interviewing potential librarians and librarian assistants (Mainly because we're tired of being short staffed and having to do a crap ton of extra work). Unfortunately all of the individuals that they've interviewed so far have "Not been fits for our department." So we'll just have to wait and see what happens on that front.

So yeah, a lot of staffing changes are about to occur and hopefully they don't hire more crazy people but God knows they will... I'll keep you up to date on what's going on and I promise I wont make you wait months in between my library tales in the future.


  1. Good luck!

    Maybe they'll surprise you and a great co-worker will replace the duds.

    1. I hope so. We've had so many duds that a nice intelligent person is a welcome change.

  2. Oh yes, the devil you know is SO much better than the devil you don't. I'm in a situation where my friend/co-worker was expected to get the coordinator position permanently ( he'd been interim for 3 years), but they went with an outside hire who is completely fake and manipulative.

    Work is stupid. How many more decades until I can retire??

    1. That's terrible. Three years working interim and they hire someone else?! I'd be pissed.

      I'm sorry you're dealing with dumb stuff at work too. I know you enjoyed your job.

      LOL. I know!

  3. Oh my GT?! I can't imagine the library without the director, but...could be good. Whenever they get the new director can you put in a good word for my red headed stepchild branch? :)

    I'm trying to hire a librarian, too. So far it's the same "not a good fit for our department" *sigh* Good luck to you!

    1. Yeah. I hope our next Director is good for the staff but we shall see.

      Oh I will. I've been fighting for various things for your branch recently.

      Doesn't it suck?

    2. yay thank you for the fights!

      Totally *sigh* I don't even have candidates good enough to bother interviewing right now.

    3. And it's all silly things that they should have that I'm fighting for. Like kids' magazines or a damn sign stating that there is storytime or better prizes for the reading club.

      Oh, they had some weirdos come up for interviews here.