August 9, 2015

Sunday Steal...

Have You Ever Demolished A Wall Or Building?
I've helped demolished a set of stairs once.

If You & A Friend Both Wanted The Same Thing Would You Let The Friend Get It First? 

Have You Ever Argued Over Who Should Pay For Something? 
Yes I have...    

Do You Have Any Family Heirlooms?
I have things that belonged to various family members but no heirlooms heirlooms.     

Are You Related Or Distantly Related To Anyone Famous?
My cousin's sister is a fitness model.

What's Your Favorite Ocean?

Do You Correct Peoples Mistakes? 

Have You Ever Helped Out An Injured Animal?

Do You Throw Bread For The Ducks? 
No. It's not good for the ducks.

Do You Think Babies Are Little Bundles Of Joy Or Smelly Noisy Things? 
Smelly noisy sometime cute little humans.

Do You Give Money To Buskers?
What the hell is a busker?

Do You Ever Forward Or Reply To Chain Mails? 

Do You Often Have A Tune In Your Head You Can't Name? 
Not often. I remember the names of most songs.

Has Anyone Ever Approached You Thinking You Were Someone Else? 

Have You Ever Starred In An Amateur Or Professional Video? 

Have You Ever Been In A Position Of Authority? 
Sometimes I'm fake in charge of my department.

If You Were Ruler Of Your Own Country What Would You Call It? 
Good question... I'm gonna have to think about this one.

And What Title Would You Give Yourself? 
Ultimate Ruler Supreme

If You Invented A Monster What Would You Call It? 
I don't know but it would mess shit up on my command.

And What Features Would It Have?
Super strength, lasers, etc.


  1. If fake in charge counts, I should add to my resume lol

  2. I so misread the third question. That comes from dealing so long with insurance issues me thinks.

    Oooo, monsters with lasers. It sounds very good.

  3. I put a link to the definition of Busker in the question--sorry I didn't mention the definition better.