December 12, 2015

Ten Years Without You...

Ten years ago today my the most important person in my life, my Abuela, passed away. And for some reason I'm having a really difficult time dealing with it this year. Like every time I've mentioned it being ten years since we lost her I just lose it (Several of those times have been when Justin and I have been out and he keeps joking that everyone around us must think that he is breaking up with me and that's why I'm crying).
Since I obviously cannot spend time with my Abuela, I made plans to spend the day with Justin's grandparents. And hopefully baking Christmas cookies with Justin's grandmother will take my mind off of missing my own grandmother as much as I do. If not, at least there will be cookies to drown my sorrows (And Justin's grandmother makes damn good cookies).


  1. I lost my grandmother a couple of years ago and it's hitting me particularly hard this Christmas too. I wonder what's up with that.

    1. It is really hard around the holidays. And in my case she died a couple of weeks before Christmas so it's doubly bad.