January 15, 2016

The X-Files Have Taken Over My Life...

For those of you that have been wondering why I've been so boring as of late it's because of The X-Files. Yes, The X-Files. I know... I'm a loser.

Last January I talked Justin into watch The X-Files (1993-2002) from the beginning of the series because he had never seen an episode of the show in his life -- Which I thought was weird because he was a big fan of Fringe (2008-2013) and various other science fiction based television shows, but he argues the fact that he was seven-years-old when X-Files started... A response that I don't agree with and just makes me think he was brought up by bad parents that didn't let him watch awesome TV (Thanks mom for letting me watch awesome TV). But I digress...

So yeah... We started watching from the beginning in January and despite the fact that the reboot of the series was announced back in March last year, we still took our sweet time working our way through the two hundred and two episodes, as well as the two movies. And once November hit we knew we needed to get our asses in gear and start burning through the series in order to watch the reboot as it aired and to not get totally spoiled by jerks on the internet (Justin is 100% not okay with spoilers. While I'm okay with spoilers 90% of the time and in terms of this particular show I'm okay with a few tidbits here and there but I don't want someone to just ruin this for me because I am loving on The X-Files right now).

At the time that I'm posting this we are on season eight, episode four and we have thirty-seven episodes left. As well as the movie, The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008). Which I serendipitously found on the sale cart at the library the other day.

So that is why I've been boring. I've been spending all of my free time binge watching X-Files with Justin. As soon as we get our lives back from the show I will do something awesome and blog worthy. But until then, sorry for being a little boring right now.

That all being said, some of you must enjoy The X-Files and for those of you that do here is a twenty minute video on the reopening of the X-Files... It contains a few spoilery tidbits, so don't watch it if you're like Justin...

And for those of you that really can't wait, has the first five minutes of the first episode of the mini series.

Personally I'm gonna skip watching the first five minutes and wait until Sunday, January 24th enjoy the first full two hours of the series.

For those of you that have gotten down this far, will you be watching? Do you still believe?


  1. I am SO excited for the new show! I haven't watched the first 5 minutes yet either. I want to just wait and watch the whole thing at once. I wanted to re-watch the series, but there are so many other things we want to watch that I just haven't made time for it.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one super excited for this!

      Yeah, I feel like watching it all at once is the way to go. I don't think I could handle the tease of only five minutes.

      If you didn't have a bunch of other things you wanted to watch I'd totally be like "Re-watch it!" but it takes so long. I mean it's totally worth it but it's so long. And my problem re-watching is that Justin hasn't seen any of it and is super annoyed by spoiler so I have to keep my mouth shut.

  2. We're binge re-watching The X-Files right now, too! We're almost done with the first season. Like you, I'm going to hold off on the first five minutes and just watch the whole episode at once.

    1. Isn't it so great re-watching it?! I can't wait until the new series airs this weekend but the only problem is that Justin has never watched The X-Files before this so he wants to watch everything before seeing the new episodes. We have 22 episodes left and the movie. Hopefully the snow storm this weekend doesn't knock the power out so we can finish everything we have left.