February 16, 2016

Library Life | An Apology To My Readers...

As you may or may not have noticed I haven't written about work in a while and it isn't because the library has be boring or anything, on the contrary a lot of interesting things have happened in the past few months. But as I'd mentioned in one of my last library updates I'd been wary of writing about work because of shadiness going on within the building.

Thankfully as of late a lot of that shadiness has subsided and I feel like I can go back to writing freely about my library life again. And even though I kept silence on the subject to basically cover my own ass (Which I hope the majority of you understand) I feel like I still need to apologize to you all because those stories are a big portion of what I wanted this blog to be about. I mean, I genuinely love all of the things I've shared with you (Like I really really do love makeup, bad movies, traveling and taking photos of dumb random things) and they are all part of my adventures outside of the library but I still can't stop feeling like I've been only giving you half of me. So for this I apologize.

I hope you all accept my apology and enjoy my ramblings once more because I absolutely love sharing the wackiness that is my life with all of you. Thank you for dealing with me and I cannot wait to once again go back to my roots of writing all about my adventures inside and outside of the library.


  1. We all go through phases as bloggers where life gets in the way of posting what we'd like.

    Welcome back!